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Browser data validation Clever features. Finally

Browsers don't know your website or needs. Foxentry does, and it validates and organizes data from the first second of the browser autocomplete process. Your customers won't even notice it while your business prospers.

auto-segmentation Correct data in the correct fields

Browser autocomplete can be blind to your website forms, it can't read the names of the fields correctly, and dumps personal data wherever it likes. Foxentry knows your website and ensures that the data is in the correct fields every time.


Foxentry intelligence We complete the incomplete

In our world, tools have to be really intelligent. That's why with Foxentry you don't have to worry about incomplete browser data anymore - and forget countless hours of manual validation.

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Human-tested 10 million users every month

Thousands of websites benefit from our tool daily. We look out for typos and errors and don't let them spoil customer data. Millions of validated data every month is a great responsibility for us, but it also inspires us to innovate and show our partners that they can trust us.

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Foxentry sped our ordering process up by 34 seconds
Pavla Benesova Customer care team leader
Office depot

Features like no other

Advanced validation

We watch browsers at every step and check if the added data exists and make sense. Thanks to our multifaceted sources, we get this right every time.

Magnetic fields

Foxentry is smarter than browsers and can reorder browser-filled data into the right fields, no matter what type of form you use.

No downloads

Foxentry is not a browser expansion. That means you or your customers are not slowed down even a bit.

Security and GDPR

Every process is anonymized, cannot save any data, and passes even under the closest scrutiny of European data laws.

Browsers without typos Make browsers work for you today