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Business autocomplete with risk assessment Lighting fast business data

Make your B2B customers happier with predictive autocomplete. All they need to do is write one number or letter and Foxentry will instantly show a list of relevant companies.

Company screening
Risk warning

Continuous screening The freshest CRM

Gain new insight into your customers with our company auto-screening. Access details about revenue, industry, number of employees, or financial risk even before you work with the target company.

Auto-update directly in your system
Huntenpeck & Son LtD.
  • adressRowanberry hill 55, Branch 4, BR43
  • employees_count12
  • revenue5586790 USD
  • VAT_numberCZ03594008
  • in_debtno

Extra details in a few clicks Instant risk assessment

Move your business into the future and know your potential clients and partners better with risk markers.

Basic info

IN, VAT, main office, date of establishment

Have the most up-to-date company information in your system and send clients invoices without incorrect data. With change tracking service, you can forget about the manual updating of your clients' information.

Date of founding or liquidation, legal status

IN, VAT, main office, date of founding or liquidation

Keep track of which entities have already dissolved and which are in the early stages of their lives.


active, inactive, pending liquidation

Thanks to the status of the subject, you will quickly find out whether the entity is not in liquidation. On top of that, We also add the amount of registered capital for better segmentation.

Line of business

main and secondary fields, industry

Divide your clients according to industry fields and types of trades. You will get a better idea of which group you are doing well with and which has a higher ROI.

VAT details

Reliability, tax payer details, history

Make sure your potential client is a reliable taxpayer before starting a business deal. Thanks to the division of the type of payers, you will also know whether you have to invoice payers in the reverse charge mode or not.

Revenue and employees

revenue, financial markers, accounting reports

Find out your potential client's turnover or the amount of employees he/she has.

People in company

executives, founders, board members

Get a detailed inside look at each subject. Who runs the company and how it is connected with other entities.

Insolvency details

Current insolvencies, insolvency history

We will alert you to the ongoing insolvency proceedings or provide you with a detailed view of the insolvency history of the entity.

Risk markers

Attachments, bad payment morale, debts

Check possible risks of a client before starting a new business relationship.

Office addresses

Street, city, postcode

We provide you with a list of all client's office addresses. Thanks you this service, you can for example check whether goods can be delivered to a given address as part of VAT fraud prevention.

Bank account numbers

bank details

Get a list of all bank accounts registered under the client's name.

Website integration No technical skill needed

Add Foxentry to every website in just a few clicks via Google Tag Manager. If you use one of the popular e-commerce platforms, set-up will be even easier.

5-minute setup
Google Tag Manager
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100% CRM and app compatible
Discover the power of flexible API integration
You can power up any CRM in a matter of seconds. Open Foxentry API with Integromat compatibility suits every use case. It even works with systems that you build yourself.

go global fearlessly Access companies around the world

Reach your international goals with the cleanest data. Foxentry is now open to dozens of countries, and we're working hard to add more.

Find out more
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Join companies with a better strategy

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Company deep dive

You'll know more about every company in your scope. Show number of employees, VAT history, and risk markers.

Unprecedented speed

To get the data you need so fast, we use more sources. Also, there is no limit on requests, so literally nothing can stop you from redefining your B2B.

Easiest setup

All you need is 5 minutes and Google Tag Manager. If you want to make Foxentry more personal, use our flexible API.

Continuous screening

Get updates about target companies continuously and never lose insight. Foxentry knows instantly if they've moved offices or become insolvent.

Business without typos Make your B2B smoother today