Un-fail your email

Undeliverable emails? No thanks. You have Foxentry now.

Advanced email validation Emails from this world

We love to go deep and validate more than the format and length of the email field. Unleash the power of email autocorrect, validation of existence and benefit from protection against fake accounts.

Domain auto-correct
Warnings and recommendations

email address autocorrect We know all the types of typos

Artificial intelligence learns from the mistakes of your customers and can prevent typos even before they happen by providing relevant alternatives. It can even detect typos in email domains and lets you collect emails you can work with.

Correct format auto-suggestion

Single-use email protection Put an end to all the fakers

Nobody likes to get scammed. That's why Foxentry can warn you when an email doesn't exist or can't receive your messages so you can enjoy safe and effective online business.

Existence verification
sad emojiSingle-use email
It makes sense to make sense
Valid emails = more opportunities

Better marketing

Send emails to humans and improve your email campaign open rate.

Better transaction interaction

Validate your data and inform your customers better about their purchases.

Next-gen sales

Errors and typos won't stop you from reaching your potential customers or partners.

Block all fakers

Let us warn you about single-use emails that can point to false sign-ups or scams.

Data cleanse Clean your old data

Even the biggest database is not a challenge, no matter how many errors it has or how old it is. Foxentry will turn all messy customer data into a flawless jewel. After that, you can analyze, filter or export through our handy interface.

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Sylvester Foxentrone Sylvester Foxentrone
Will William
fog Fog
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Lindq Linda
hunters Hunters
FY56 B335 Blrssom St., Forestia FY56 B335 Blossom St., Forestia
StevO Steven
stevens Stevens
19 matr rd CB1 3Z, Cambridge 19 Mata rd CB1 3Z, Cambridge
adam Adam
Ipatient Impatient
flowery 16, blossomia flowery 16, Blossomia
phillip Phillip
eazy Sleazy
15 Cream street CC14, Puffinshire 15 Cream street CC14, Puffinshire sad smileSuspicious address
Paul Paul
nNewman Newman
35 Valley Bridge, Castlerock 35 Valley Bridge, Castlerock 13
Google Tag Manager

Easiest setup It works everywhere

Treat your project to perfect emails in just a few seconds. All you need is Google Tag Manager, and if you want to personalise the whole process fully, our open API complements every system - even one you build yourself.

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What makes validation so awesome? Thousands of valid emails monthly for free

Foxentry can eliminate mistakes in email account entries by 93.66%. That can bring you thousands of extremely valuable sign-ups at virtually no extra cost.

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2 48£
Name93% fewer errors
Surname93% fewer errors
EmailForms filled in 34 seconds faster
Phone number
Postal code

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