Google Tag Manager

Easiest setup GTM or API. Simple and transparent

Add Foxentry everywhere you want via Google Tag Manager. If you use one of the most popular platforms, the setup will take just a few clicks.

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Addresses without errors Intelligent address auto-complete

Our A.I. makes sense of incomplete or scrambled entries. No need for humans. Foxentry instantly converts all addresses into readable and existing ones so your orders can go as planned.

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CZ Foxhold 1151/55
M10Y Branchport 3
CZ Foxhold 2831/42
130 00 Branchport 3
SK Foxhill 1125/4
140 00 Pinewood 4
SK Foxen Holds 259/6
955 01 Birchtown
CZ Foxyhall 480
252 42 Oakmarch

Advanced address validation Use the power of A.I.

Smart auto-complete and auto-correct help your customers fill in addresses faster no matter how they write. In return, you'll get precise information and a higher delivery rate.

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Address validation Smart address auto-segmentation

Let us automatically divide all of the addresses into parts. Enter street, city, country, postcode, and others, including customer notes, into your system seamlessly and without errors.

Additional notes auto-segmentation
79 Magnolia Walk, Littleton on Severn

Advanced email correction and validation Email order updates delivered every time

We get emails right every time for you by correcting typos, checking delivery status and validating whether you can trust an address.

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Benefit from Foxentry reduced errors in addresses by 60%
GB +44 1632 960056
DE+49 30 901820
phone dial

Advanced phone validation Delivery people love us

We check if the number exists, can be reached and is connected to a landline or cellphone: no more unreachable numbers and failed deliveries.

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Name validation Package the names neatly

Thanks to naming autocorrect and variant suggestions, you can ensure that every package has the right name on it. That means lower return rates and elimination of mismatches and failed deliveries.

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pitr novak Peter Novak
Peter Novak/ male
  • Pierre
  • Piotr
  • Petr
  • Pedro
  • Pietro
  • Per
  • Péťa
Data cleanse
Clean your customer data
Sylvester Foxentrone Sylvester Foxentrone
Calr huntenpeck Carl Huntenpeck
+421 90 937 7907 +421 90 937 7907
jeseniova 1151/55, Praha 3 Jeseniova 1151/55, Prague
Lindq Hunters Linda Hunters
+1-202-555-0133 +1-202-555-0133
3 Trree needles plaza, fresh breeze 3 Tree Needles plaza, Fresh Breeze
StevO stevensen Steven Stevensen
+61 1900 654 321 +61 1900 654 321
Beeverly hills 90210, Honeywood Beeverly hills 90210, Honeywood
mnica Lost Monica Lost
+44 1632 960851 +44 1632 960851
Navrátilova 1559, Prague 1 Navratilova 1559, Prague 1 sad smileSuspicious address
JOhn Doe John Doe
+44 1632 960038 +44 1632 960038
FY56 Blossom St., Forestia FY56 Blossom St., Forestia
Fix your database

User-friendly interface

Get more from your clean data in a safe and easy-to-use interface. Explore filters, stats, and exports that will make your day easier.

Real autocorrect

We can warn you about errors or even fix them immediately, down to the very last letter. All thanks to machine learning.


You can never make your business too automated. Set when and what data you want to clean on a regular basis and forget manual correction forever.

Delivery without typos Switch to hassle-free delivery today