Stop butchering names

Go big and sell around the globe. Address your customers with the right names.
jara novacek ing Ing. Jaromír Nováček
Ing. Jaromír Nováček/ male
  • Jaromír
  • Jerry
  • Gerrie
  • Gerry
  • Jery
  • Jere
  • Jerrie
Foxentry map of features

Hassle-free localisation Correct names in every country

We're ready for you to go global and working hard to make your website feel like home for every one of your customers.

Generating common name variations

Name correction and validation Personalise your marketing

With the right names comes more personal communication without misspelt and butchered names. Surprise your international customers by going the extra mile and make your marketing localised and personalised.

Works even with gender-neutral names
pitr novak Peter Novak
Peter Novak/ male
  • Pierre
  • Piotr
  • Petr
  • Pedro
  • Pietro
  • Per
  • Péťa
advanced name validation
Valid names = more opportunities

Personalised communication

Address your customers correctly in every country. Stop butchering names.

Calm customers

Name autocorrect will make your customer care easier and your customers happier

Next-gen sales

Your sales process won't be affected by misspelt names and faux pas. Autocorrection will make everything easier.

100% delivery rate

Correct names on packages means you'll deliver to the right people every time.

We clean your data Fix your old data

Even the biggest database is not a challenge, no matter how many errors it has or how old it is. Foxentry will turn all messy customer data into a flawless jewel. After that, you can analyze, filter or export through our handy interface.

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Sylvester Foxentrone Sylvester Foxentrone
Will William
fog Fog
+49 30 388940133 +49 30 388940134
baloon basket, in the air SP54 YG44 Gentleman suite Hotel, Bombai
Lindq Linda
hunters Hunters
30 017939449 +49 30 017939449
FY56 B335 Blrssom St., Forestia FY56 B335 Blossom St., Forestia
StevO Steven
stevens Stevens
30 291412718 30 291412718 sad smileNumber doesn't exist
19 matr rd CB1 3Z, Cambridge 19 Mata rd CB1 3Z, Cambridge
adam Adam
Ipatient Impatient
30 080949190 +49 30 080949190
flowery 16, blossomia flowery 16, Blossomia
phillip Phillip
eazy Sleazy
020 912 2470 +353 20 912 2470
15 Cream street CC14, Puffinshire 15 Cream street CC14, Puffinshire sad smileSuspicious address
Paul Paul
nNewman Newman
+3655586962 +36 55 924 236
35 Valley Bridge, Castlerock 35 Valley Bridge, Castlerock 13
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Easiest set-up ever Install us everywhere

You can stop butchering names in seconds. All you need is Google Tag Manager. Or, if you need to make things more tailored, open Foxentry API suits all systems, even those you build yourself.

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