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100% anonymous Industry-leading encryption

Every entry is anonymized and encrypted. Thanks to multilayered protection, there is absolutely no decryption key. So, in the event of a cyberattack on our servers, your data cannot be stolen.

Cannot be decrypted
Multiphase anonymization

Government level security Even the giants are safe with us

The most demanding brands and retailers trust Foxentry for

Office depot

GDPR compliant Don't worry about GDPR

Our methods are ready for even the most brutal EU user data law scrutiny. We don't store anything, so nothing can leak. Having Foxentry on your project won't cost you a dime extra on lawyers.

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Our codex How does it work?

In transparency we trust. That's why you can read our lengthy data manifesto that contains all our safety and privacy principles. It's stricter than European law, and we've built our whole company around it.

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no side jobs Clear data, clear conscience

Our business is providing you with flawless data for your project—nothing else. Foxentry is the only project we have.

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All features in one place

Secured data transfer

The communication between our servers and your forms operates in sync with the strictest security standards to date.

No personal data

There is absolutely no way for us or anybody else to read any of your sensitive data. You and your customers can sleep soundly.

22nd century technology

We use scalable cloud servers, non-stop support, and black-out protection even with millions of daily requests.

100% GDPR compliant

Forget all the hassle with EU laws. All of our processes are checked and audited with Kropacek Legal's offices.

Data without fear Enjoy your clean data. No stress.