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How do you deal with data protection (GDPR)?

Starting with the initial design of the service, we place great emphasis on the security of your data. Before data cleaning starts, we enter into a Data Processing Agreement, and you'll also be the only one with access to your data during and after the process.

Does data cleaning occur on a one-time basis or does it operate regularly?

You can use this service as often as you need. It can be a one-off, but also e.g. quarterly or semi-annually. It just depends on your needs.

I also have data in the file intended for cleaning that I don't want to validate. Will I be charged anything for them?

No. After you upload the file to the application, you can select the exact types of data (e.g. e-mails, addresses, names, etc.) you want to validate in the settings. You won't be charged for the others. 

How does the whole cleaning process work and how long does it take?

First, you upload the required data to your Foxentry account, for example in a CSV file. After that, you'll set the required parameters, based on which an exact price will be calculated. Once you've paid by card or bank transfer, the validation process begins. The time required for data cleaning varies depending on the scope of the data and can take between a few minutes and several hours. However, your presence is not required, and we'll inform you of completion via e-mail. 

Why does data cleaning matter?

By cleaning your database, for example, you can delete e-mails that no longer exist and automatically save ones with typos. Foxentry can both point out incorrect data and also automatically correct it thanks to machine learning. The output will be error-free addresses in the ideal form for each carrier, a list of telephone numbers that can be called, or the current billing data of all your corporate clients.

In general, the service comes in handy if you have registered customers, send newsletters, carry out marketing events or simply if you have a long-term non-updated database, etc.

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