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You can promote Foxentry in different ways. For users that directly implement Foxentry into websites or applications for their clients, we've prepared the opportunity to establish a project for another owner, where an affiliate partner will have access to the project as a programmer. If you do not need access to your client's projects, you can use the option of promotion via unique code in the link to our site. If someone registers via your code and buys a package, a commission will automatically accrue to your account.

Let's look at both methods in more detail:

1. In the administration

Below we'll describe how to create a project for a client as an administrator.


In the introductory dashboard, you'll get to the form for creating new projects; in the next step you'll write the name of the project.

  • In the next step, click on Create project for your client as an administrator.
  • Then fill in the e-mail contact for the responsible person.
  • You need to agree to provide personal information for the purpose of inviting a person to this program.
  • Click Continue - the project will belong to your client and will be billed to him. You'll have access to its administration.

Once you create the project, the client will receive an activation link via email. Then install Foxentry for the client by pasting the script into its website.

2. With a link

The second method of promotion is within the link, which you can find in the administration on the subpage for promotion matrials.

Copy the affiliate code, which you can insert, for example:

  • Into e-mails and websites
  • On blogs and articles
  • On social networks

Cookies are valid for 90 days

In the affiliate sphere, a cookie is used to record the code of the partner who brought the user to the website. The user does not have to make a purchase immediately, but can make it in a few hours or weeks. In order to recognize a commission for a partner, it's important that this purchase takes place during the period of validity of the cookie that we have set for you for 90 days.

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