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Autocomplete and validation of addresses

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After entering a few letters, we'll offer you the most relevant addresses within a second. You can easily implement this service into any website, application or internal system.

Key features

  1. Autocomplete address field - it doesn't matter if you start with a street, a city or a postal code. For each field, autocomplete is active by default and offers address suggestions according to the entered values. The results of the autocomplete are directly affected by the data entered in the other fields. For example, if you've already entered Prague as a city, the autocomplete will only offer you streets located in Prague.
  2. Intelligent sorting of results - we always sort the displayed results in the autocomplete according to the approximate location of the visitor, the history of autocomplete, the size of the cities and the popularity of individual addresses. So, if you're currently in Brno entering "Ja" in the field, the autocomplete will certainly offer you the popular street "Jakubská" in Brno. Foxentry strives to intelligently offer results to all users individually.
  3. Address validation even without the use of autocomplete - Foxentry also validates manually entered addresses without the use of autocomplete. If the entered address is not valid, we'll offer the user the correct equivalent.
  4. Fuzzy matching - when the user types the address with a typo, we'll offer him or her a valid equivalent. For example, when the user enters "V Zahrdach", we'll offer the streets "V Zahradách" and "V Zahrádkách".
  5. Filling in hidden fields of the form - after sending the form, Foxentry can fill in hidden fields with information such as street, house number, district, city, GPS, address code from a database, etc.
  6. Callback after validation - after each insertion of an address into the form, Foxentry can invoke some developer-defined action. You can respond to valid or invalid addresses yourself.
  7. Layout with several fields - we can handle all types of layouts. It doesn't matter if you use 3 columns or just one.
  8. All addresses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland - we know all addresses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In addition, the data is regularly updated (usually at least once a day).
  9. Setting the appearance and behavior of the autocomplete - you can easily set most of the features of the autocomplete directly in our administration. More complex adjustments can be solved using CSS. In the administration, you can easily edit:
  • the number of autocompletes items
  • the display of info messages and statuses
  • the behavior of the individual fields in your form
  • the number of autocompleted results from history
  • direction to the next field after filling
  1. Setting limits - in the administration, you can easily set the maximum number of requests per day, allowed IP addresses or which URLs Foxentry can display.
  2. Secure transmission via SSL - all communication with our server is encrypted. No third party can access the data. We store only anonymized data in our database (Jese Street ***, house number 45 **, Pr ***), which is used only for the correct deduction of credits and for your control.


To use it for the web form, you need to:

For installation in applications, internal systems, etc., visit our API page.

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