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Validation of names

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We make it easier to enter addresses and companies, and we also offer more advanced options for entering names. We minimize the number of typos and give our clients additional data, which they can use in their marketing campaigns.

Key features

  1. Checking names according to the database - we check the entered names according to the database of the frequency of names in Poland. We can evaluate the probable typo and alert the user to it.
  2. Autocompleting relevant names after a typo - if the name is entered incorrectly, we'll draw the user's attention to an error and offer him/her a relevant equivalent via autocomplete. With the name "peret" entered, the message "Did you mean Peter?" will appear.
  3. Callback after validation - after each insertion of the name into the form, Foxentry can invoke some developer-defined action. You can respond to valid or invalid names yourself.
  4. Filling in hidden fields of the form - after sending the form, Foxentry can fill in hidden fields with additional information, see below.
  5. Completion of the correct form of the name - Foxentry can add the correct form of the name based on language specifics.
  6. Determining gender by name - by name we can recognize the gender of an individual. This makes it easy to select your customers.
  7. Slovak, Czech and Polish names - in the administration, you can choose the validation of names according to Czech, Slovak and Polish standards.
  8. Multi-field layout - we can handle all types of layouts. It doesn't matter if you use 2 fields or just one for name and surname at the same time.
  9. Appearance settings - you can easily set most properties directly in our administration. More complex adjustments can be solved using CSS. In the administration, you can easily edit:
  • the display of info messages and statuses
  • the behavior of the individual fields in your form
  • the direction to the next field after filling
  1. Setting limits - in the administration, you have the option to set the maximum number of requests per day, allow IP addresses, or set on which URLs Foxentry can be displayed.
  2. Secure transmission via SSL - all communication with our server is encrypted. No third party can access the data. We store only anonymized data (Name Pe ***, surname No ***) in our database, which is used only for the correct deduction of credits and for your control.


To use this functionality in the web form, you need to:

For installation in applications, internal systems, etc., visit our API page.

Still having trouble? Leave us a note.