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Description of the project dashboard

Updated this month

After creating a new project, you'll see its detail, where you can set up everything you need. In this part of the manual, you'll find a description of the individual parts of the project dashboard.


  1. The main part of the screen are the Requests from the last month:
      • what service the user used, whether he/she entered a request for validation of e-mail, name, address, etc.
      • specific time of service use
      • anonymized user IP address
      • anonymized content of the user's request
      • how much did the given credit request cost (in the case of the project API)
      1. In the top graph on the right, you'll find the usage of requests for the last week.
      2. In the chart below, you can see the likely use of the requests in the future.


      1. In Integration at the top, you can find the script for embedding into your page.
      2. Foxentry account settings.
      3. From the main menu, you can go to:
      • Statistics - graphs of requirements in individual validators for the selected period
      • Active services - activation and deactivation of individual services
      • My team - list of members working with your project, possibility to add a new member
      • Project settings - all settings related to your project
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