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Cookies 2022

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On 1 January 2022, an amendment to the law will enter into force, which imposes an obligation on website owners to store cookies only with the active consent of visitors. Find out what it will mean for you in terms of Foxentry below.

Types of Foxentry Cookies

Name Type Necessity Description Validity
SERVERID functional yes serves for load balancing API purposes until the end of the session
PHPSESSID analytic no used to identify the user for statistics and autocomplete results from history 180 days
foxentryCookieMode functional yes recording cookie consent 365 days
foxentry-geo preferential no save the user's approximate geolocation to improve the relevance of the results 1 hour

Cookies bar in practice

After the consent of the user, it is necessary to give Foxentry information about the range of allowed cookies using the Foxentry.setCookieMode method. The value can be "minimal" (only functional cookies allowed) or "full" (all cookies allowed).

Example: Foxentry.setCookieMode ("full")

The validity of the user's consent always applies to the given (sub) domain. Therefore, if the user gives consent for the main domain "", the settings will also apply to all subdomains. However, if the initial domain for granting consent is, for example, "", the consent will also apply to, however, it will not apply to

Project restrictions in the case of "minimal" mode

Please note that if users make extensive use of the minimum Cookies method (only functional features are allowed), project statistics may be affected.

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